Saturday, November 05, 2005

If only I could...

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

.... I would.

Pathetic? No argument here.

Anyway, other evaluation thingies of interest...

This Values Clarification Exercise is pretty cool, I think. Possibly contentious. Definitely discussion generating.

And ever wondered How Sinful You Were?

While on the topic of sins, thank whoever up there for Barnaby Joyce. A very gutsy guy. One wonders about the other [insert curse word] puppets.

On a lighter note, I wrote a little program that does nothing. It just rearranges the letters in your text, basically to demonstrate that even when misspelt, the human brain still processes it like it was spelt correctly.
Click here to indulge me.

Anyone find Joanna Newsom's music as mesmerising as I do? Maybe it's them harps. Does it everytime.


Russell Allen said...

Your love score of zero really affected your average.

I had a score of 9.6 for body. I had a cramp just thinking about that.

ChickyBabe said...

ChkbcayiBe rusle!

I have indulged you :).

Chai said...

Russ : Thanks for your concern. It didnt really cross my mind regd that "ZERO" thing though I did do statistics(!) as my minor subject for my B Sc. but now that you've brought it up, I shall stay up tonight and spend some time thinking about it [face in hands]. The ZERO Reason? Errr.... [thinking real hard] it's no bed of roses being in the Catholic seminary, I can tell you that! And the other monks here say "Hi!" too :-)

CB : you've come through yet again :-)

Misc note : I got a email for CB's comment but not Russ. I think blogger is playing up.

Mel said...

Life: 8.8
Mind: 9
Body: 8
Spirit: 8.3
Friends/Family: 6.8
Love: 7.3
Finance: 9.3

I strongly agree... :)

Rowena said...

My highest score was for body, which was 7.7. Then came finance at 7.5. So basically, I'm fucked in all the important areas. Ace.

Chai, I'm afraid I am not a fan of Joanna Newsom. Her voice is like fingernails on a blackboard to my sensitive ears.

ChickyBabe said...

I'm getting miscellaneous email messages too. Blogger introduced comment moderation recently so that might have something to do with it. Not that I switched it on, mind you!

debs said...

How very interesting. Might give em a go. Im a sucker for those quiz things though if i get an answer I dont agree with i generally take the thing again. Kinda defeates the purpose doesnt it?

Chai said...

Mel : you [insert curse word]!!

Row : Body _is_ an important area. I wouldnt underestimate physical health.

CB : Only some of my commentors generate email. Puzzling. ps. I got a blogroll, just like you! And no, it's not like that Donnie character in the movie "Magnolia".

Deb : If that is the case, do the values clarication excercise. That actually makes you evaluate subjective stuff and the permutations are quite thought provoking. Of course, there are no "correct" answers and I wouldnt take the conclusions seriously. Nevertheless, they are fun.

Jay said...

I think I am not brave enough to rate my life.

sublime-ation said...

Me either. I'm still traumatised from that psychological test (histronic dependent if you must know, but not narcissistic paranoid, you might be interested to know Chai)
Let's talk about Me and You and Everyone We Know: Chai I saw it, was absolutely mesmerising. And the curator deserves an Oscar: she was absolutely spot-on.
So good.

sublime-ation said...

Ok I did it, worse than yours! total of 6! My highest was Spirit which is wierd, I'm not even Religious...
and Blogger must be playing up, I am not getting emails for ages...

kranki said...

The writing looks essentially like the writing I get from first grade students who are trying to spell the words phonetically. Althought there are a few words that the program over scrambled. The reordered spelling of assassination would leave anybody puzzled.

Can you make a program that inserts the words smurf for all verbs and smurfy for nearly all adjectives.

It would be totally smurfy if you could smurf that for me.

Happy smurfing!

Chai said...

Jay : The fact that you didnt try at all should score you very high on the "brains" section.

sub : Nice to see someone using me as a benchmark/point of reference. But I really hope (for your sake) you aim higher.

kranki : Congratulations!!! You're the only who's picked up that I've got a bunch of kids here that is keying in everything submitted.
And regarding your smurf ambitions, trivial programmatically, but non-trivial logistically. ie. somewhere, someone needs to classify each word, ie. adjective, adverb, noun, pronoun, expletive. Tried babelfish?

debs said...

man, that values clarification thing is a tricky one. I made the mistake first time of thinking of Little John and Robin as good friends, but, if you are to take it with no preconceived ideas on the characters then they could actually be complete strangers to one another. If thats the case, then it would be fine for little john to make a move on the lovely marion, but if you looked at is as i first did, that little john and robin were friends, then i would have considered what john did to be pretty low.
Much thinking involved... too much thinking :)

debs said...

Okies, ive done the girly thing, and over analysed the situation.
Ive done a whole post about it on my blog which would be incomplete without your opinions.
Hope you dont mind that i put it on my blog, i acknowledged you as the starting point. :P

Autumn Storm said...

6.3 (love pulling me down, spirit apparently very high) - great test, fun, thanks.

Husky Nutmeg said...

This will be fun - I' a kid with these things. Now to answer honestly or strategically.

Times and dates are all over the place with posts - what is that?

Justine said...

you're not answering the questions right, is all.

Chai said...

just : you think?