Friday, December 10, 2004

Renae and Kitty 5 - the movie

Went to see movie I helped out on in mid September.
Screening info here
and production info here.

The title has been changed (from Dark Garden). I was really impressed and proud of Ren. She did really well (and I know how hard she worked on this).

I did see a pre-release version of this, which I thought was more scary/spooky but the narrative in the released version was superior and the pacing was tighter.

Hopefully, I'll be getting a authored DVD image to make some DVD copies soon.

And this was on p8 of The Age's A3 section, 9 Dec 2004, where it reviewed the VCA films and it says

The most aesthetically striking of all the works is Renae Wright's "Kitty 5 - Resistance is Fertile", an ambitious fable in which a young girl fights the poisonous "weeds" of doubt that infect her mind and behaviour. Told in a series of chapters, with ultra rapid editing and a barrage of special effects treatments, this little film covers almost as much ground as Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, but is more fun. Wright, too, borrows the attitude and look of punk-influenced aesthetics, while injecting an endearing note of fairy-tale romanticism.


I cant find a link to the article but will post when I do.

Go-go Ren...