Thursday, October 27, 2005

Clown Serial Killer?

So... who in their right mind would write a melancholic song about a clown serial killer? Sufjan would, that's who. [click on picture to get the song].

Am listening to his album, Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois". I get a really big kick out of discovering a new (to me) artist that I really like. It's like discovering a whole new world. It's a great feeling.

I like most of the songs especially "The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get us!" The "John Wayne Gacy Jr" song is also very listenable and quite sad, and yet weird and sick at the same time, as this is about that clown serial killer. He manages to make you feel empathy for him, how skilful is that?

Anyway, went to see this frigging amazing movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Adaptation. The video and audio quality was pretty bad but one gets used to it after a while. A phenomenal effort actually.

Also managed to go see Claire Bowditch. I've only heard the one song by her prior, Hallelujah. I found I quite liked the material she performed. Might have to go get the album now.

Played the songs to my nine year old, but she didnt like it. Maybe it's cos if Dad likes it, it must be bad. She listens to Green Day. "Isnt it a bit loud?", I asked her as I morphed into my _Dad_. When I was 9, I think I was still listening to "Old MacDonald" and his farm animals.

Topical quote.
In one of the earliest critiques of a national ID card proposal (January 1986), Professor Geoffrey de Q Walker, now dean of law at Queensland University, observed:

One of the fundamental contrasts between free democratic societies and totalitarian systems is that the totalitarian government relies on secrecy for the regime but high surveillance and disclosure for all other groups, whereas in the civic culture of liberal democracy, the position is approximately the reverse.

I let you decide which way we are heading. Big sigh.

Parting plagiarised wisdom?
Never get so attached to a poem
you forget truth lacks lyricism;
never draw so close to the heat
that you forget you must eat.

- Joanna Newsom, En Gallop
I hear The Proposition is up for all these AFI awards. I was told not a cent (unverified) of it was Australian. One wonders what the critirea is. I do recall that French movie, Long Engagement having 50% American money disqualified it from the French awards. 50%!
Also, go see Me, You, Everyone We Know. It is great, though Adrian Martin of the Age hated it. Silly Adrian.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I was watching your blog and I liked so much your rose GIF :) It's so cute! Congratulations ;)

elaine said...

adrian martin disliking a film almost guarantees that I will like it!

Thanks for dropping by my place.

Mel said...

I'll make an effort to see the Raiders adaptation, Koh Koh...
Your kid has excellent taste - Greenday rocks!

Alabama said...

Holy Shit! That is so wierd because a couple nights a go I was sitting on my balcony having a cigarette with a friend discussing our shared hate of clowns.. WOndering if there was ever a serial killer that dressed as a clown..

That is so fucking creepy.

Chai said...

Gerard : Unfortunately, it is not mine, I stole it from an already forgotten place.

Elaine : I liked the movie lots. The cinema was pretty empty though when I saw it at the ACMI.

Mel : Unfortunately, I think the screening was a special event. Cos of copyright problems, it's only allowed if one of the creators is present at the screening.

Sally : Welcome to my world :-)

Autumn Storm said...

That morphing thing is scary, isn't it? ;-)

sublime-ation said...

THIS IS FREAKY: I wrote this blog a few days ago but never finished it so i didn't post it. Talk about collective consciousness, this is weirder than how Cinderella appeared in Europe and China at the same time.

what's going on with clowns everywhere now? since when have they become sexy?
I open up State Of The Arts mag, there's Gideon reviewing this new film, which has clowns in LA doing some sort on hip hop dancing.
I look at they shoot homos don't they, and it has a thing on clown porn.

Why can't they just go away?
Wayne Gacy: THATS what I think of when I think of clowns.

p.s Clown Porn? How wrong is that...

Chai said...

AS: Morphing is very disconcerting. I fight destiny in vain.

subl : I dont dare ask :-)

ChickyBabe said...

"Maybe it's cos if Dad likes it, it must be bad." - I felt the same about classical music because dad used to listen to it. Then all of a sudden, guess what I was doing...morpging into my dad!

debs said...

I love the original Raiders of the Lost Ark. We're talking Indiana Jones right?
I hope so, coz if not... won't i look foolish?
How was it different to the original? (ignore question if im off the track)

Chai said...

cb: Regd morphing, it's inevitable, u think? :-) (Some) Classical is good.

debs : Some fans remade it, almost scene for scene. They were 11 when they started and finished 7 years later! So it was close, but with the hard to do bits 'modified'.

debs said...

no, i didnt get your comment or link regarding the song at all. Are you sure it was me that you commented to?
The raiders movies sounds good!

debs said...

oh, wait. Scrap that comment.
I found it down on an earlier post. No, i dont get emailed with the comments. could help if i did hey.
Thanks for the link and the movie info.
too subtle eh?