Saturday, May 04, 2013

My thirteen

There was someone on some radio programme mentioning listing 13 albums in 13 minutes, ones that stick out in your life. I was thinking about this on walking in to work and in no particular order, these are 13 I could think of, ones which I listened to almost ad nauseum for months, maybe even years (in clumps).

Supertramp - Breakfast in America I listened to this a lot in Form 5 (Year 11) and at first year Uni. No strong images but being in the bedroom of my aunt's house, whom I lived with when I was doing year 12.

Sufjan Stevens Come on Feel the Illinoise I listened to this almost non-stop most of the latter half of 2005 and most of 2006. It's just a really beautiful album.

Fiona Apple - When the Pawn Fiona is like a drug. Once I start listening to one song, I dig out all her albums and listen to them all back to back for days/weeks.

Vangelis - Themes This was played in the car a lot, on my solo drives around Bavaria, when I was working there. The End Titles from Bladerunner played loud is pretty apt when one is driving fast on the autobahns.

Kate Bush The Dreaming This was also in the car. I still think this is one of the best albums ever. I think this one benefits from listening to it loud, which is not such a problem in a car on the Bahn. I used to subscribe to the and it's predecessor, I think it was alt.lovehounds? It's been a while. We're talking early 80s here.

Kate Bush - Never For Ever I listened to a lot of this when I was in Year 12 when I was in KL. This was the first year I was living away from home. So feelings of isolation, home sickness and fitting into a new social circle crops up a little when I listen to this. All suitable conditions for completely loving this :-) Reminds me of David Anthony, cos besides me, he was the only other person I knew who'd listened to the album.

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. I listened to this a lot in 2006 when I was working at DD. Reminds me of the reception area, cos the ringing of the phone there sounds like the beginning of one of the songs. *shrugs*

Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head. I know liking Coldplay is not so cool these days, but I really liked this album. It reminds me of MT especially when she told me she couldnt talk to me anymore cos her partner was a little jealous and forbade her. D'oh! I was quite sad/crushed cos of it then.

XTC - Skylarking Reminds me of Mark and Janine cos it was playing when they came over for dinner once. And driving on Whitehorse Rd in Blackburn. Dont really know why.

Various - Red Hot and Blue. Watching the clips on TV in the house in Mill Park.

Tuck and Patti - Tears of Joy. Reminds me of Steve who said that listening to Patti gives him a headache. *shrugs again*

Bee Gees - Spirits Having Flown. Daggy? I think still think it is a very melodic album. Reminds me of high school and some of the girls I had crushes on but was always too insecure/awkward/unsophisticated to even say hello.

Joan Armatrading - The Shouting Stage Reminds me of the daily drive to work in Burwood East, and some of the sadness when my then relationship issues.

I think that's 13. There are many more, but these were the first 13 that came to mind. Damn. I just remembered Peter Gabriels So. And Portisheads Dummy, Massive Attack Protection, both of which reminds me of Elle, when she was having her marital issues and Pet Shop Boys Underworld, which reminds me of working at TPG in Richmond, cos Meg who worked there really liked them too

D'oh, also Bon Iver, Sarah Issakson and Rebecca Tornqvist, Tori Amos? I should stop now. I've not heard listened to much new music recently as it does take quite an investment of time and energy on my part, but I quite liking the Lana Del Rey's now not so recent album. There, off my chest.