Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh the pressure, Will Robinson (*)

Hey! I've installed a blogroll. Am having trouble deciding whether I should classify the bloggers and if so, how.
a) geography (Pollen city, Syd, the rest)
b) gender (Male, Female, Michael Jackson)
c) Life scores (see previous entry)
d) political persuasion (friend, enemy, left, right, extreme left, Tony Abbott).
e) traits (amusing, incoherent, depressing, stimulating, pretentious, bad spellers)

Currently, they're all under Incoherent1. Send me $$$ if you want to be moved to some other group. ie. the cool group, or added or removed. Actually, just send me $$$.

And did you know you may now be able to patent film storylines? Sounds like a great idea, then the only kind of movies made will be David Lynch and Peter Greenaway movies, ok, Kaufman too, and WKW (cos he uses no script!).

Anyway, looking out the window down onto the 5th level hotel concourse across the road, there is this woman, purple hair, platform shoes, mini-skirt practicing whipping a piece of paper out of a guy's hand (reminds me of Jack Osbourne). And there is this almost grotesquely fat guy lounging just behind with a couple of relatively normal heavily tatooed looking guys. I wonder if they can see me gawking at them. They're probably thinking, "Look at that Batman t-shirt guy, with the headphones and opened mouth across the road. What a freak!" What's the chances Jim Rose is in town. Hmmm.. which one is Mr. Lifto, I wonder. Ouchy.

And it looks like I've found a hobby to while away the Xmas break. Origami!!! or a variant of it. Should be a fun summer. You can join me if you like :-)

we got some new people starting work.
guy #1 is sight impaired... we *all* know what he's been doing, right? *snicker* Yikes, I hope he doesnt read this. And if he does, has a sense of humour or at least not own any firearms. Grow up? What do u mean?
girl #2 starts soon, I think... apparently, she does the shot putt competitively... Will be interesting....
I guess this could sound like it follows on from the Jim Rose thingy above, but it isnt, though it could very well be. I do question my presence here at this workplace though.

* Squirt = Drip under Pressure.
1It has just occurred to me that it would have been much more lucrative if I had put everyone under some undesirable category eg. paedophile and then wait for the $$$ to roll in but I didnt think of it in time. I do play fair.


Tim said...

I'm content being incoherent, both on your blogroll and in real life.

Anonymous said...

WOW! :D I love both Star Wars and Harry Potter, and it's surely a cool thing!! Thanks for posting such an interesing thing! :D

Locket said...

a) can you please explain blogroll to me? Total technobimbo.

b) I took the life quiz. My score was so embarrassing I don't even want to post it on my blog. I scored highest on my finances and I'm a broke actor. That should give you an idea of how low my other scores were.

Chai said...

tim : Huh? I dont understand.

gerard : *All* my ideas are somebody else's. Same with opinions.

locket : a) u need to register for an account at (it's free but they have a paid 'gold' version'. Then there is some code which they will provide (it's only a 1 liner but long which you need to cut and paste into you blogspot template). Then you go to your blog settings, and under the "Template" tab, there should be all this gobbledegook. Scroll down toward the end, look for something the word "MainOrArchivePage". Paste what you copied there and voila, you have a souffle. Simplicity the key word :-)
What I like about it is that it tells me which blogs have been updated most recently (it's in one of the settings in blogroll). Saves me polling the blogs.
b) I hope you dont take these things seriously. As I was telling Debs... wait I will cut and paste...
As long as you take it for what it is. A pleasant diversion and not take its conclusions seriously, good or bad.
I once got a quiz which in 20 questions, tells you if people perceived you as a megalomaniac. I added 2 points to all of the answers (eg Answer 'a' was 1 point, I made it 3 points, 'b' was 3 points, I made it 5 and so on) before forwarding it on. This ensured that you would finish 2 categories above what you would normally have done. One particular friend was quite upset at his results and was doing a lot of self-reflection, but he thought it was a good joke, eventually, when I told him what I did, 3 days later. Oh yeah, what was my point? My point was that he got upset cos he was in a category which he didnt think he belonged. But nothing real had changed, no matter what some quiz tells you. You are what you are (Popeye?) O...K...? I dont think I'm making myself clear. Why am I harping on about this anyway? Where am I? *sigh* Just carry on.

ChickyBabe said...

Classifying bloggers under a blogroll is an interesting topic, one I have been thinking about on and off. I find that no matter what you do, you're likely to upset people if you put them under one category and not another; do you link just because they linked you etc. I have different people linked under my main blog and photoblog, and even that caused some friction!

I think you have it sussed out, Chai. Incoherent sounds like a good option to me!!

debs said...

bogroll. comment leavers, non comment leavers :p

Mel said...

Chai... I loved that Harry Potter/Star Wars thingie - I think my brain ran screaming into a corner - because ... well it loved SW and HP - and now, they are the same - ahhhhh... and there was peace.

Chai said...

cb : I wonder if there is an established protocol.. ie u find someone has added you, and there is an obligation to add them onto yours.. but it's all the same to me. I have them there mainly cos blogrolling tells me which ones have been updated recently, if I wanted to know.

debs : good idea... never thought of that. I guess not all my posts are commentable. Though I thought the bit about patenting film scripts may have been.

mel : I guess it follows on from patenting scripts. It's amazing that this guy managed to get this far in the patent process.

sheriff of nothing said...

People get really funny about being rolled - or stupid even. Incoherent is a good one!

Chai said...

s.o.n - You may have a point there. I wish to declare now that I do not expect reciprocality (had to look up the spelling for that)!