Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where did February go?

I had planned to have at least 1 blog a month but February zipped by without me noticing. Bummer, eh? I thought I better write something before March zipped past. On the flip side, at least it makes coming up with titles easy ie. next month's (ie. tomorrow) blog would have been called 'Where did March go?'. Easy.
I think missing February had to do with me getting a new job. Just too preoccupied with dealing with it.

Speaking of jobs, I read that Kofi Annan's kid has a $260,000 job at 22. Man, I wish my dad was the head of the U.N.

And poor Terry Schiavo, being starved to death. Why couldnt they just give her a shot of morphine and be done with it? What if she can feel pain? and the hunger, oh the hunger.... Funny, but when I feel hungry, I think of these kebabs with orangy coloured sauce (mustard?) that I had in an Iranian restaurant in Frankfurt. Thanks to Hamid who knew how/what to order, in Farsi.

And these guys think the end of the world is near.
Click on 'The end is nigh, scientists warn'. (registration required)
It's probably some weird Christian sect.

Good news? I guess on a micro level, I started riding to work again, even though they dont have showers here. I thought a towel dry will be sufficient. "Eeeewww....", you say? Well, you havent seen the other guys that work here.
I'd bought some reasonably good lights (front and back) and need to make 40 single trips to justify it. The number is 5 as of this morning.

I quite like my new (current job) but they'll probably want to reduce my rate if they found out. So I have to look stressed and concerned at all times, with the occasional series of muttered curses aimed at my computer.

Sigh, I'll have to think of more stuff to write tomorrow (for the April blog).

Talk soon.