Friday, October 08, 2004

Conversations, the Book

Spring is here, in Melbourne, Australia. Fantastic time of the year, though in Melbourne, it is a little unpredictable. Yesterday evening was wet, windy and frrrreeezingly cold. Pity I suffer from hay fever, which makes reading a little uncomfortable (weepy and itchy eyes).

Anyway, I'm reading this book by Michael Ondaatje (he of English Patient, the book) about some conversations he had with Walter Murch (he of Godfather, the movie). Fascinating read, even with bloodshot eyes. The things he did juxtaposing sound with images is amazing and so manipulative of the audience. And subtle too, in that u'd never have been aware of it but once it is pointed out to you, u go 'Oh yeah...... '.

It's pretty easy to read though I did find some of Michael O's part of the dialogue a little self serving (though I'm sure it was not meant to be).

Will probably finish it by this weekend.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

First time blogger

Man... I always wanted to create a blog.
Now that I have, I discover I have nothing interesting to say.

Ironic, eh?