Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thank Guus!

There are no words that can express my relief at the football results. I was waking up periodically the night after the match, recalled the match result, smiled to myself and went back to sleep. I am not super happy, just super, super relieved. Very weird, you say? I'd like to debate the point, but I cant. You're talking to a person who flew into London, caught a match, and then flew back the next morning (ok, so it was from Germany and not Australia). 3 days later, I still have a buzz from this.

Speaking of flying, there was a fly bugging me on the train to work the other day. When I got into work, there was a fly still bugging me. I suspect it may have been the same creature. It must have followed me the four blocks from Flinders St station and up six flights of stairs! What's the deal, Mr Fly? It was a Thursday too, which meant I had showered. Weird, eh?

Anyway, I have 2 upcoming first-time parent events happening. So I need to think of baby presents. Was thinking of ipod baby clothes but am very open to ideas1. But the first time parents will probably be so overwhelmed that they wont notice. Maybe some phenol-barbitol instead? Worst case, I'll resort to the trusty teddy bear.

Also, I have a little problem. I find I am spending more time reading blogs than I am with reading other stuff, ie. newspapers, novels, tech books. Not good. New Scientist has an article about gaming fanatics showing hallmarks of drug addiction. I wonder if it carries over to blog readers. Will willpower be enough?

And yet they push for the legislation for sedition. I know we get the Government we deserve but have we really been so bad? The man who trades freedom for security usually ends up with neither - Benjamin Franklin

And what's the deal with Tim Burton? How come his movies have to be prefixed with his name? Anyway, Corpse Bride is really good. Worth a viewing though I thought Nightmare Before Christmas was a superior musical.

Anyway, am listening to Laura Veir's Rapture. Strange song, but I like. I also like that song they play on that Sony commercial, Jose Gonzales' Heartbeats. He's going to be playing at the Northcote Social Club on the 29th. Though Sony are big time bastards! The nerve of them installing software2 which spies on you, without any permission. I hope they get their butts seriously kicked.

1Good ones.
2List of affected CDs listed here.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh the pressure, Will Robinson (*)

Hey! I've installed a blogroll. Am having trouble deciding whether I should classify the bloggers and if so, how.
a) geography (Pollen city, Syd, the rest)
b) gender (Male, Female, Michael Jackson)
c) Life scores (see previous entry)
d) political persuasion (friend, enemy, left, right, extreme left, Tony Abbott).
e) traits (amusing, incoherent, depressing, stimulating, pretentious, bad spellers)

Currently, they're all under Incoherent1. Send me $$$ if you want to be moved to some other group. ie. the cool group, or added or removed. Actually, just send me $$$.

And did you know you may now be able to patent film storylines? Sounds like a great idea, then the only kind of movies made will be David Lynch and Peter Greenaway movies, ok, Kaufman too, and WKW (cos he uses no script!).

Anyway, looking out the window down onto the 5th level hotel concourse across the road, there is this woman, purple hair, platform shoes, mini-skirt practicing whipping a piece of paper out of a guy's hand (reminds me of Jack Osbourne). And there is this almost grotesquely fat guy lounging just behind with a couple of relatively normal heavily tatooed looking guys. I wonder if they can see me gawking at them. They're probably thinking, "Look at that Batman t-shirt guy, with the headphones and opened mouth across the road. What a freak!" What's the chances Jim Rose is in town. Hmmm.. which one is Mr. Lifto, I wonder. Ouchy.

And it looks like I've found a hobby to while away the Xmas break. Origami!!! or a variant of it. Should be a fun summer. You can join me if you like :-)

we got some new people starting work.
guy #1 is sight impaired... we *all* know what he's been doing, right? *snicker* Yikes, I hope he doesnt read this. And if he does, has a sense of humour or at least not own any firearms. Grow up? What do u mean?
girl #2 starts soon, I think... apparently, she does the shot putt competitively... Will be interesting....
I guess this could sound like it follows on from the Jim Rose thingy above, but it isnt, though it could very well be. I do question my presence here at this workplace though.

* Squirt = Drip under Pressure.
1It has just occurred to me that it would have been much more lucrative if I had put everyone under some undesirable category eg. paedophile and then wait for the $$$ to roll in but I didnt think of it in time. I do play fair.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

If only I could...

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

.... I would.

Pathetic? No argument here.

Anyway, other evaluation thingies of interest...

This Values Clarification Exercise is pretty cool, I think. Possibly contentious. Definitely discussion generating.

And ever wondered How Sinful You Were?

While on the topic of sins, thank whoever up there for Barnaby Joyce. A very gutsy guy. One wonders about the other [insert curse word] puppets.

On a lighter note, I wrote a little program that does nothing. It just rearranges the letters in your text, basically to demonstrate that even when misspelt, the human brain still processes it like it was spelt correctly.
Click here to indulge me.

Anyone find Joanna Newsom's music as mesmerising as I do? Maybe it's them harps. Does it everytime.