Sunday, December 18, 2005

Seasons' Greetings and more

Admittedly, whenever I see those "[your name] needs" lists, I think "How silly" and condascendingly so. But then I tried it via googlism. Hey, it is kind of fun! Really. You going to try it? What, me hypocrite?

Went for a little stroll with da boys for this rally. There were some initial fears about there being some violence, but we went nevertheless. The only hitch was that Den, who emailed us all about the rally, was at home setting up his stereo. That's right, society is crumbling around him but at least he'll have good sound. OK, I confess I did spend a bit of energy looking around for the other bloggers who said they were going to go. I think she looks like an elaine, her a Lady Cracker, a Cotton, an Outspoken and that one a subl. Well, he *did* look like a girl to me, initially. I was standing next to the guy holding the "Racist Liberals Fascist" placard, for the curious.

The media's role in all this? Check this out, a Today Tonight transcript from July 2005, I think. It is the *only* time in my *whole* life I've ever written in to complain to a TV station.

*sigh* And on the topic of society crumbling, was thinking about how pyramid selling is illegal as a business practice cos it is unsustainable. And yet, the current model that society is based on is this ie. perpetual growth in terms of population, always needing to have more young people than old, business have to grow every year etc... Take this random thought and it's implications as you may. Sound like Eeyore, u say?

Anyway, on Sat, on the way to see Harry Potter, I listened in controlled horror as my kid sounded out her tale about how she had dared her karate instructor to break a piece of wood using the instructor's head for $2. "You what?" and when I better composed my reaction, "Look, I know I often do this to you (ie. offer money for chores0) but I dont think it is a good idea for you to dare others for money. I am sorry but I was setting a bad example for you". She seemed to understand, I think1. Fatherhood is often a series of many tough decisions. "And dont call me Dad in public", I said and clipped her ear as she walked away. I think she'll turn out OK after all.2 I didnt dare ask if the practice was now rife in Grade 3.

And on a lighter note, this vodka ad is sort of funny. Uses the Numa Numa (Romanian?) song3 as background music.

My current ear worm? It is this song by The Rosebuds. OK, so it's pop. I'm a shallow guy (but I cast a long shadow).

And finally, have a safe and beery Xmas and a terrific 2006! Joy To the World!4

C'ya next year! Ole, ole, ole... On to the world cup.

050 cents per chapter to read me the hobbit.
1I am not allowed to use words with more than 4 syllables.
2I didnt really clip her ear.
3Was going to put the "images that look like porn but really isnt" link but thought it might be too tacky. Technically work safe but....
4version by Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I've made a lot of mistakes

Stay between the flags.

[Image source unknown]

Text to follow [check again on Monday, if you can be bothered to, or am I being too presumptious?]. Am a little swamped right now *AND* see YOU there at the Bourke St Mall, 5 pm, Friday (16 Dec 2005). And leave the nunchakus at home. I know I am.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I Can Stop ANYTIME I choose

Well, well, looks like internet addiction is for real after all. The Register says " destructive as alcoholism and drug addiction". Good thing I can give this up any time I want.

Blogrolling doesnt seem to be reliable. The list of bloggers on the right is supposed to ordered according to most recently updated. But is it? Sometimes, maybe.

Went to see Jose Gonzales play in Northcote. It was pretty good. I would have liked it better if he spoke to us a bit more though. Otherwise, it's almost like just listening to his CD, except you're standing with 300 other people and it's hot. One person fainted. Heat? Drugs? Who knows?

Also went to see this other piece of theatre called Prodigal Daughter. Had themes of paedophelia. A bit long, acting was pretty good but the subject matter was too heavy for me.

Plus I immediately ran out and got this excellent publication, Poster Magazine when I heard that this talented blogger worked on it. Go get your copy before they run out. Now! Go, I'll wait for you.

Was thinking of Christmas presents. I wonder what one would think of a domain name as a present. Godaddy has them for USD$9/year and that comes with 50Mb disk space. Pretty good deal. I was thinking of getting another one. Cant think of any good names. The current favourite is, a telstrafication of my surname plus a bit of my general disposition thrown in. Silly idea? Better name? Please tell.

Am listening to this song by The Shins a lot. Musically, I suspect I may be going through my cowboy hoofty beat phase.

Also I cant help but wonder why they didnt track Van Nguyen instead and catch the next guy in the chain. Mules are so disposable. Drugs should be decriminalised and controlled. *sigh*. Life is so fleeting.
But I guess nothing is forever. In fact, some very important things lasts *only* 1 year. Should be longer. It is so sad.

Man, it is warm tonight.
Went to a concert recital and joined the orchestra for the after performance dinner. On seeing me enter the restaurant, one of the violinists said to her companion, "Yeah, that's him, the guy that was clapping." "Ummm.... no, you must be mistaken. It was probably someone who looked like me", said I, walking away quickly. I dont remember clapping out of turn and the people I knew didnt contradict me. I was too gutless then to confront her to clarify her accusations. Now I shall spend nights awake thinking of what she could have possibly meant.