Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cleanest room in the house

is now the laundry!

[Update : Bloody blogger. It disabled comments by default! Just noticed.]

And there I was, wondering why this load of washing was taking such a long time. I then waded into the laundry and spent the next hour mopping up the results. Ah well, the mowing will have to wait another week. And it is a 20 y.o. machine. Amazing it lasted this long. But then, it wasnt used very much. :-)

Some joker has been going around and drawing faces on the heads of the figures the council put on the footpaths. Some of them look like Jack, the Pumpkin King. Much appreciated. The kid and I had a good laugh.

Speaking of, snippet of a recent conversation.

[C is doing work on the computer]
F : You know how you dont eat much chocolate anymore, cos if you start, it's really, really hard to stop.
C : Uh huh.
F : And if you've not had chocolate for a long time, you dont even miss it. And it doesnt even cross your mind to long for it?
C : Uh huh. [continues doing work on his computer]
F : And then all of a sudden, someone comes along and offers you tasty, tasty chocolate, which you initially resist but once you give in and you start consuming that sweet, sweet and oh so rich chocolate in large quantities and then just as suddenly, the supply is halted and now, you're in the situation where you lust for lashings of that luscious chocolate, almost all the time?
C: Uh huh.
F : I wish I didnt crave now what I didnt crave then.
C: [distractedly] Uh huh.
[heavy silence]
C : [stops typing] Ummm, you're not talking about chocolate, are you?
[dog barks in the distance]
C : *big sigh*

Best song from the album.
Flaming Lips. Well, either this one or "One More Robot", which I hum more often. Mostly cos the ringtone of the reception desk in the front office sounds like the first note of the song, which then leads in to the song in my head. Hope the link still works.

And it seems this blog has lost a lot of momentum. Is there anyone who'd like to write something for it? Me? I guess. But if you would like to, let me know.

Catch you around, soon.


ChickyBabe said...

That picture is so funny... he looks like he's up to something.

And more on that conversation... who is C and F?

Chai said...

Rephrasing ... they are all voices in my head.

Rosanna said...

The voices in my head are always loud.

Min Chai, this is a lovely post. Especially the addition of the chocolate. It made me want to reach for my nearest 7/11 and buy a whole block of Cadbury. Or Lindt. I'm not fussy.

Hooray for May!

Justine said...

heeey... I thought I commented here already? what's going on? (Or is it just me and I need new glasses?)

I think that face on the footpathperson is way cool :D
he looks sorta naughty.

Justine said...

I think Rosanna should do a post for you reviewing a Melbourne chocolate bar: Koko black, Max Brenner's, or San whatsits on Brunswick... or another :ΓΈ)

phishez_rule said...

You're early with this post. Nice work keeping us on our toes.

And now you'll never have to clean the laundry again!

Chai said...

Oh blogger blogger, why have you stopped emailing me when people leave comments? Why have you spurned me so?

ros : What is Min Chai? Cadbury is nice. Lindt is better, Nestle is the pits.

just : Blogger is acting weird. And I think Rosanna should do a review like that. It'd be so cool. Chocolateria San Churro is probably the name you're after. Would you believe I turned down a small project there? Should have taken it and accepted vouchers as payment :-)

Phish : I just go with the flow. If I didnt write then, I'd have forgotten everything and would have had difficulty thinking of a topic come 7 days time.

Kristine said...

Oh my goodness, Chai, you have a food blog! I've been meaning to start one for ages, but never got around to it. I love my food.
Can I send you a review and see what you think?

I'm a friend of Rosanna's by the way.

Justine said...

maybe its just sensitive/offended because lots of alpha bloggers are leaving these messages saying, "Well, I got jack of Blogger so click here to go to my new wordpress/typepad/ other webpage".

Man, guess what I saw in the supermarket today?

Justine said...

Min Chai - she means 'my Chai'. Its an endearment :)

Chai said...

Hallo Kristine, I will do better than that. Send me an email, and I will send you an invite to join this very select group. And you can never leave [maniacal laughter in the background]. Seriously. Send me an email. Trust in me.
Try spamused at
And this applies to ALL of you. ALL! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. (I've been drinking Pepsi).

Justine : Dont tell me, dont tell me... it's... no, dont tell me...
Can you just get it in the supermarket like that? How cool.

And thanks for the translation. How sweet of Rosanna (she doesnt like being called Rosie).

Jay said...

I'm flabbergasted to actually find a new post here!


I kind of like the grinning guy up top. Much better with a face than without, I always say.

Chai said...

Flabbergasted? Just because I procrastinated till the last hour the last few ... years, you think you know me so well.

Justine said...

Chocolateria San Churro is probably the name you're after.
***That's the one. Not a bad sort of a place, really... mmmm...

Would you believe I turned down a small project there?
***he he, maxwell. would you belive, an aztec spicey hot chocolate number? no...? would you believe, a small truffle? a broken bit of chocolate from the taste test bowl? .... would you believe I once ignored the aroma from across the road? :)

***yep, they just have it in a plastic bucket in hacked up hunks (honestly, these people do not know how to cut meat), swimming in blood, in the fish section of the deli.

Justine said...

and no, i am not doing a food post for you :)

Chai said...

All in a plastic bucket?! Wow. Is it expensive relative to other fish? What's it taste like? Questions, questions, questions.

Justine said...

"other fish"? >:-I

nah, you didn't really get me :-)

M said...

haha, where are those figures?

Unfortunately if I had that conversation it actually WOULD be about chocolate. God I'm sad.

Chai said...

just : Not get you? Didnt you mean that they were selling meat in buckets? I was wondering if it was expensive.

m : It's on the footpath on the Anniversary trail.
Hee hee... chocolate IS addictive.

Justine said...

not get like 'understand'. get like 'catch'.

My aunt started this game we play in our (extended) family where, because we are all quite opinionated, sensitive, know-it-alls, and generally such a quirky bunch with diverse views that we are super defensive of, and gosh... where was I? what a great bunch we are?
anyway, we do this thing where for example if someone wanted to pull my leg or get a rise out of me or generally act le agent le provocateur, and I take the bait, then they 'get' me. Then I laugh at myself for being 'on' it, which means like, I was being self-rigtheous or caught up in my opinions like they mattered or something.

And I thought you were kind of trying to get a rise cos you know I love the furry animals and stuff. Even though whales aren't furry. Some might be.

You get me?

I know... my family is a bit weird. Its full on. Its like I'm a refugee blogger.

Justine said...

um, but anyway I'll get some photos and do a post about it in the next few weeks :)

Rosanna said...

PS: How can you say the photo is sickening? Oh yes, my friend - I saw your little comment (evil eyes)

Chai said...

Ahhhhh Justine, I get it now. I didnt manage to provoke you, viz the whale meat. Am curious to know what it tastes like, it not being cold blooded.
Photos would be so cool. And no need to thank me regd blog idea.

Rosanna, not only photo. Photo AND your reaction to photo. :-)

Jo said...

Your phantom artist is awesome! Wish he/she'd visit my neighbourhood.

Pink said...

I love the joker who is de-facing your signs.

oh no...maybe thats re-facing.


Chai said...

The artist _is_ quite awesome, cos he/she has not done just the odd one here or there, it's like almost the entire stretch of footpath!
Long live artists!

Note to all, the photo that Rosanna was referring to was a pic of Orlando Bloom performing some knee fetish and not of the pic in this post.

Justine said...

(*drools over Orlando's knee fetish*)

Steph said...

I like the little footpath people. There should be more of that kind of randomness in the world.

Chai said...

justine, you too? What's wrong with you people?

steph, it is kind of cool. The more I think of it, the cooler it is.

Justine said...

you know, my laundry post was partly inspired by you. I just thought you might be touched to know that... given the incredible 'quality' of my posts lately.

Chai said...

Sorry to have dragged you down to my level.

Pink said...

I checked out your other blog. made me hungry. pooh.

when next i'm down under I will have a whole bunch of places to go!

Chai said...

Ha ha... Look me up. I can be tour guide. And I'll even make my famous collapsing brownies.

Pink said...


Now I am thinking of brownies.

I need chocolate!!!

and a new post would be nice ;)

Justine said...

yum chai! recipe? :)

Chai said...

OK, just for you pinks. I'll dredge through my unreliable memory and dig up some anecdote from my childhood.

justine, the recipe is there. It's the non-photo one, the page scanned from the Sunday Age. If you click on the pic and then click on the magnifying glass, the recipe will be readable. But it's not very healthy though. Mostly butter, sugar and chocolate :-)

Justine said...

fat, sugar, chocolate... that's almost all the food groups!

Bwca said...

I love the face on the footpath symbol - thanks for that.
I hardly ever eat well so I don't visit food blogs, but when I had a different bloggerLife, I did discover this one -

Fairytale Brownies, the greatest brownies in all of Fairyland! Gourmet chocolate brownie gifts for any holiday, business gift or special occasion.

Pink said...

Still waiting .....


Chai said...

justine, ha ha.

bwca, dont thank me. I'm not the artist/vandal (according to perspective).

pink, good lord. :-)

Husky Nutmeg said...

I had that chocolate discussion last week. Are we neighbours? And it's not even spring yet.

Chai said...

Parallel universe, I say.

Husky Nutmeg said...

Strange but true. My washing machine isn't doing too well either.

I keep promising time to 'that blog' - hmm this week perhaps.

Chai said...

I am curious more than anything. (hmm, that sentence doesnt sound right).

Kristine said...

Hey Chai,

Just checked your comments again and found your 'send me an email' reply, except I cannot find your email! Have searched your blog long and hard. Would ask Rosanna but she's off by the freezing beach for the week.

Heeeelp meee.

Chai said...

Gee, you dont read closely enough :-)
Try spamused @ yahoo com au

Chai said...

Hi anais, why did you remove your comments? And BTW, clicking your profile does not work.

Nai said...

Hey Chai - comments removed because it's the profile that goes nowhere. I guess you now know my real name. I am waiting for the sky to fall as I type ;). Here's what I had written:
As well as looking like Jack the Pumpkin King, he also reminds me of the pumpkin head character in 'Return to Oz'. That was one scary kid's flick. An evil queen who keeps the living heads of virgins in glass cabinets and PUTS THEM ON when she wants a change? Squeaky-wheeled minions that make the flying monkeys of the Judy Garland film seem sweet? Kids today have seriously crap movies (where 'Let's make 'em learn'n'love and maybe chuck in a loose attempt at humour. Oh and a merchandising deal with Maccas!' is the primary goal of the producers) compared to what I got - nightmares!

Chai said...

Did you want me to delete those incriminating comments? I dont mind. $5.
ps v cool name.

Nai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Susanne said...

Oh, I'll write a foodie review sometime chai. Someday...

Bwca said...

are you OK?
hibernating for winter solstice?

because your profile says 'telecommunications' i am worried it's Tellstrar and you might have done harikari from the stress of it.

peace and love ...

Pink said... post new post!!!

the natives grow restless

the rabble are rousing....

Chai said...

What? You think it's so easy to make my mundane life even vaguely interesting?
So BACK OFF, I have 3 days left of June to write something.
And it's going to be such a letdown cos the reality is I am dull.

phishez_rule said...

Whenever you're ready Chai

Gledwood said...

what is that ketamine robot doing on the pavement?
don't wanna bump into THAT on a dark night!

Chai said...

Ketamine robot, aye? Had to google it. Hmmm...