Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seeing what's not there

Sheet. I just typed in my name and the word blog and my blog comes up. I was going to write about how my procrastination is costing me money but I recall reading how some employers are using the net to do background checks on prospective employees. So writing about this could be 'detrimental' to any future job applications.

So procrastination is not costing me money. I didnt leave applying for my kid's passport renewal so late as to require the express service and I didnt have to pay an extra $76 for the express service. And I'm pretty sure the apostrophe in kids in correct.

Ah well, the internet remembers all. So they'll now know about my car accident, my run-in with the japanese takeaway etc etc... But do hire me anyway. I work quick and am quite easy to work with! References available. Note that I am not looking for work right now.

Anyways, where was I?
Oh yes, I was saying that I've always been conflicted about eating meat. Sometimes when I chew, I can imagine the muscle and tendons that I am chomping on. And sometimes, the personality of the animal in question. Yes, yes, don't judge me. It's pretty distressing enough but I am too weak to give up meat. My best effort was a meatless 7 weeks about 10 years ago. Anyway, I read recently that some Dutch scientists are making meat in the laboratory. Isn't that cool or what? You could eat anything you like. Chicken, beef, whale, tiger, dodo, eagle, panda, giant tortoises. And all without a single animal being killed. A world without abattoirs. Now that would be worth seeing, no? And no methane problem from the cows too. Cant wait for that day. And then, I'd really go vegetarian. :-) Icky, no?

Anyway, will be eating satays (in M'sia) exclusively the next 2 weeks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You cannot get good satays here though this place comes pretty close.
I told the kid I'd take her to see her cousins in the U.S. next year if she'll read 10 books of my choosing. She thought about it for like 5 seconds and said "Dad, I think I'll get to go anyway so I dont think I'll be reading those books". I would have threatened to not take her but I was so flabbergasted by the reply that I just went "Uh, ah, ah, uh...". But she's right. She's going to go anyway. This is the kid who at 4 years of age asked me "When mum goes out, can I be the boss?". What makes her think her mum's the boss and furthermore, what makes her think that when her mum's out, the #2 spot is up for grabs? Creative parenting is hard. Bring back corporal punishment, I say.

And isnt this a pretty song? I'm still puzzled as to what instruments are used in the chorus and how they are arranged. Sufjan is a major talent. He can even make the scales sound really good.

Catch ya later.


ChickyBabe said...

And employees check out their new managers on Google too. What goes around, comes around.

Bwca said...

The fact that Mini Chai thinks her mother holds the deciding vote is a positive reflection on you.
It tells us that you are not a bully (as many men are); that she is confident (so we know she has never been threatened).
It's A Good Thing (as Martha Stewart would say).

on the other topic of your post:
Everything is on the net for the searching.
Be warned, and be afraid.

Rosanna said...

Google is pure evil. I google my name and my VCE results pop up.

Now everybody can know how much I did / did not study.

Have a wonderful time eating those satays and thanks for the link to that gorgeous song - I love it!

Chai said...

cb : good point. Never thought of that but obvious really.

bwca : So based on my unsuccessful power struggles with a then 4 y.o., you come to all these conclusions? :-)
And I _do_ threaten. It's just that they're not taken very seriously. I dont see how anyone can smack children. Spare the rod, you say? *sigh*

rosanna : Which song? The first one or the second? Sufjan Stevens is very very talented. If you google "best album 2005", his album Illinoise is consistently in the top of peoples lists.

M said...

loving your daughter! This is a young lady that might just take the world by storm. Bring it on!

I've started googling myself just to make sure I'm not anywhere! But the blog is easily found not with full name but with nickname - unfortunately.

M said...

(fantastic songs btw!)

Rosanna said...

The first one is my favourite :)

Jay said...

Basically, that kid is SMART. Watch out.

Steph said...

Ohhh you're daughter is hella cool.
Well done Chai. ;)

Pink said...

yikes - I think I better close down my blog. I just googled myself and found all kinds of things. Eeek.

And I WILL be looking for a new job soon.

I love your daughter's spunk and LOL at being #2!


susanna said...

chai - have you tried vegie hut in box hill? amazing chinese vegetarian food that does replica fish, chicken, beef (and yes, satays) to perfection. it is my favourite place on earth, though i too am a guilty meat eater and multiple lapsed vego.

enjoy malaysia. it roolz don't it?

Chai said...

Am in an internet cafe in Kuantan, Malaysia. Flickering screen, grotty keyboard.

Speak soon. Have to go wash my hands now. x Chai

Susanne said...

I'm vegetarian, and I guess since my objection to meat is along the killing-of-animals line, I guess I would eat the man-made meat. How weird!

Nai said...

With a snappy response like that maybe she doesn't need to read your books? Before the flaming commences, I am of course joking. But still, Kid has smarts.
Nice job Chai and Kid's mum.

Pink said...

making meat in a laboratory????!!!


Did I miss that one the first time around?

Well...I don't think I'd like to eat Frankenstein.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Dear Chai - back from malaysia and all-satayed-out?

I just want to commend to you a Melbourne blogger Hoyden About Town

Rosanna & Pink - the web is biting the hands that feed it - shutting down the blogs doesn't work - they are on the cache.
My dear blogpal bwca/brownie had to shut hers down and the FIB gave it a new identity, after a person she doesn't even KNOW found their name in a comment she made a year ago ... and went ballistic at a relative of hers. take care evabodee

problematic said...

If you're going to leave insulting comments on my blog, I would prefer you to not read my blog.

My writing is of a fictional nature, that's why I started a new blog.

No need for name calling.

Sensitive? Maybe. But that's my right.

The 'no offense' sign off is passive aggressive.

Haphazardkat said...

Your daughter is a riot! You're so screwed when she hits teen years! ha ha ha :D (lovin' your blog) I'll be back :)

Chai said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving your kind comments, including Co**on ie. problematic.

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