Friday, October 14, 2005

Title? Dont need no stinkin' titles.

Spring is definitely here. My eyes are a little watery, probably cos of all the pollen I pick up on my ride in the mornings. Also gashed my right knee on the serrated edge of my bike pedal this morning. Ouchy. Have got a 3cm by 1 cm deep wound. Was getting onto the road from the sidewalk and on the 4 inch drop to the road, my foot slipped and the pedal moved up to meet my knee. I spent the next 2 minutes cycling with 1 leg and screaming silently, cos no sound actually came out. I kept thinking "I am bleeding" but did not dare look. The guys at work examined it, "Stop whinging! It looks like nothing". "But it huuuuuurts", I whined. The insensitive clods. Now I know how Nancy Kerrigan felt.

So Fiona Apple's got a new CD out (4th Oct)! Whoo hooo.... So I trudged down to the Target on Bourke St (had a gift voucher) to go buy it and couldnt find it. Trudged down to JB Hifi and was told it is not out in Australia till the 31st! What?!? But, but, but... Hmmm... does that make it OK for me to go download it instead? Sigh. So I ordered it online from o'seas. I'm not going to wait 4 weeks for no rational reason. Also emailed epic records and told them that if the record sales for this album in Australia was ZERO, it's cos we all ordered it from elsewhere cos we couldnt wait. Frigging duffers. I hope the same wont happen with Kate Bush (Nov 7).

I also went to hear Robert Fisk speak. That guy's mind is sharp. He spoke for about an hour and had 1 hour of questions. He seemed to be able to field complex questions on subject of the Middle East, Northern Ireland and the former Yugoslavia with clarity. Very impressive, more so given the murkiness of the subject matter. You might not agree with his opinion but there was no ambiguity as to what he was trying to get across. Basically, Iraq is stuffed.

Also went to see Enron the movie. The greed is breathtaking. This CEO of one of the divisions left with $250M. What can u do with $250M? He is now the 2nd biggest private landowner in Colorado. It is a fantastic story, but I didnt think the doco was as good as it could have been. Granted, it was a very complicated story. 6/10

Asked Mark to go to this music event. It was a bit too avant-garde for Mark and I. I had to apologise to Mark profusely! Ah, well. I guess one has to wade through a lot of "dirt" to find gold (not that this was dirt, it was just I didnt appreciate it). Apologies to the creator. Sono stupido. Sono animale.

Had to laugh at this. BT Labs (UK) has come up with the mp3 breast implant. How cool (and silly) is this? Full article + unavoidable snide references to the click wheel (heh!) can be found at The Register.

Current play list.
Rufus Wainwright - Peach Trees
Frou Frou - Let Go
PJ Harvey - The Mess We're In.
Fiona Apple - Parting Gift
Dandy Warhols - The Dope

Parting words of wisdom.
If you don't have a song to sing you're ok,
You'll know how to get along humming
If you don't have a Date, Celebrate
Go off and sit on the lawn under nothing
'cos its just what you must do and nobody does it anymore

""" - Fiona Apple 'Waltz'

and go watch Firefly, the TV series.

(*) All my ideas and snippets of wisdom are from song lyrics and episodes of the Simpsons and Seinfeld.


Mel said...

Dude, Fiona and Firefly - Excellent combo. I just rewatched Serenity with my brother, even better the second time around. Now I want to rewatch Firefly. Miss the guys already...

Chai said...

Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

OK... that popped into my head when u called me dude :-)

C'ya later mei, mei... (which is what Simon calls River which means 'Little Sister' in Chinese).

MelbourneGirl said...

hai chai

sorry to hear about the knee

about nancy kerrigan, have you seen a recent picture of what's-her-name, the one who got nancy 'kneed'? tonya something?she's into boxing now. she's a sight i tell you.

ezb said...

Chai, I could quote Lebowski with you all day...
have you checked out Deadwood yet? It's absolute gold.

Mel said...

His Dudeness, Okay then. :)
And yes, I am feeling a mite better today, thank you. And I do concur with you - about the drugs v jaffa. mmmmm jjjjaaaafffaa...
what's 'big brother' in Chinese?
I really like mei, mei. :)

Chai said...

Hiya MG, Thanks for the concern :-) Knee is better. Was a bit worse than what I thought. Was limping for 3 days, probably cos of the location. Checked out Tonya. What a woman.

EZB : Will definitely check out Deadwood. Coworker was raving about it as well, but did warn that the raw language used might be a bit rough on my tender ears. :-)

And Mel, it's Koh Koh, with the O pronounced as in Orange, as in jaffa.

Autumn Storm said...

I remember reading this post a while back and feeling deeply sorry for you and your poor knee ;-), wonder why I never said so at the time - must have been rushing out.
Once a month, right, so still a while to go to the next one :-)
Good to hear from you and hope alls well with you.

ChickyBabe said...

Fiona Apple has such strange eyes!

Chai said...

She does have unusual looking eyes. BTW, I'm a little disappointed that no ones mentioned the pic I have on... it's from a 50's Christian colouring book. No matter.

Rowena said...

as I always say, there is a Simpsons episode for every life situation.