Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Art is the tree of life - Blake

There is a focus on Jim Jarmusch on at the ACMI. I went for 2, his new one Broken Flowers and Down By Law. BF was OK. Might have to watch it again cos I missed the first 10 minutes. The session was sold out and I had to hang around outside to see if they could round up some spare seats. DbL was great. Made in 1986! I've never seen it before cos I dont think it's on Region 4 DVD (until very recently). Considering that it's a 20 y.o. movie and that JJ is not exactly mainstream, this session too was sold out (seating capacity 180)! Lucky me turned up early so I could get a nice seat, not front row, like the earlier film. Looks like JJ has gone mainstream, at least in Melbourne.

Also went to see a couple of shows at the Fringe festival but nothing to write about.

However, the movie Look Both Ways was really good. One of the better Australian movies I've ever seen (best being Lantana).

Was reading the local papers and I found the following article.

A judge is to stand trial for allegedly masturbating with a "penis pump" during a murder case.

Witnesses claim they could hear the noise coming from beneath the robes of Donald Thompson as he sat on the bench. The judge, 58, had served at Creek County Court, Oklahoma, where he was charged, for 22 years.

The sex toy will be presented as evidence. The court has also permitted testimony that a second pump was seen under Thompson's bench. Thompson faces 10 years in prison and a $20,000 ($A26,000)
fine for each offence of indecent exposure. If convicted he would also have to register as a sex offender when released from prison.

He is accused of using the pump during two murder trials and a civil case in 2003. Jurors claim they heard what sounded like a bicycle pump or blood-pressure pump.

One saw Thompson making some movement "with his upper body and arms", according to documents filed by the state attorney-general in Oklahoma.


You'd have to be pretty determined to want to do this in a public setting *and* you were one of the principals ie. the *judge* in a courtroom.

I've announced to the guys here at work that "From this day henceforth, know now, fellow co-workers that I shall be ignoring all noises for fear of discovering the unknown".

And they were happy with that.

Speaking of adverse working conditions, there I was working away busily, minding my own business, then there is this really odd smell. Sort of like smoked tea-leaves or something dank like that.
Was going to ask "Austin, did you change your brand of cigarettes or something?" but didnt.

Anyway, it appears that another co-worker had taken his shoes off....


Now, I just need to compose a non-offensive request to put his shoes back on, without causing too much embarassment to all parties concerned.

eg. For the LOVE of GOD, can you PLEASE put your FEKKING shoes back onto your STINKING feet! or something along those lines.

Minimal fuss, minimal embarrassment.

What u think?

* Names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Autumn Storm said...

Re: The judge - weirder things have gone on in a court of law, but not much :-) Gosh, what a story - crazy people roaming all over the place!

"For the LOVE of GOD, can you PLEASE put your FEKKING shoes back onto your STINKING feet!" sounds fine to me :-)

Good to FINALLY see you post again! lol - I was losing my patience ;-)

ChickyBabe said...

Or get out the air freshner and spray under his desk!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Chai said...

Sorry AS. I do try to write more frequently, but once or twice a month is about all I can manage. My life events are glacial, fortunately or unfortunately, I havent decided yet.

CB, thanks for the advice. Might be too noticable, spraying his feet. I suppose I could walk over and exclaim 'We got ants!' and proceed to spray, hoping he wont notice that it's extra-strength Glen-20 I'm using.

Alabama said...

I thought Look Both Ways was great to! Alot of people I have spoken to disliked the animation, But I admired it, It was a brave and unique film!

Have you seen Somersault?

Chai said...

Somersault was OK. But it didnt make as big an impression on me as these two. I should go see Little Fish. Just cant find anyone who's not seen it and who'll go with me. Sad but true.

Alabama said...

I havn't seen it I will go with you.

Chai said...

Perfect. And I even got a stack of those 2-for-1 vouchers. Hope you're not one for narrating during movies. :-)

susanna said...

i loved look both ways. far, far more than little fish. i didn't 'get' the hype surrounding the latter.

Mel said...

I love Lantana - hmmm. Great movie memory attached to that one. :)

Chai said...

Suz, will probably go see LF next week. Will get back to you regd opinions.
Mel - I thought the ensemble of actors in Lantana was perfection itself.
And SS, email me if u really want to come along to LF.