Saturday, August 27, 2005

Stuff Happens

Out of the blue, I get an email from PaulS asking me if I wanted to fill in for racquetball that night itself. I told him he'd have to be *really* desperate cos
* I dont own a racquet (yes, yes, I have ordered 1).
* the last time I played was when I last filled in for him, in 1999. That's right, last millenium!
* I have lost fitness cos I was at the tail end of a cold (was still feeling warm/cold intermittently)

But I'll do it, I said, though a few other voices in my head, the toaster and the microwave did tell me I was being quite stupid.
Anyway, I did end up playing and lost 13, 11 and 4. My quads started cramping up towards the end of the second set and most of the 3rd set. Ah well, could have been much worse, score wise.

The worse was yet to come. The next night, I'd sat in my bean bag watching whatever on TV, and when I tried to get up, I couldnt! My quads were just wasted. I had to roll onto my stomach and use my arms to pull myself up. It couldnt have been very pretty. Sports keep you fit? Doesnt feel like it.

And Today Tonight, tch, tch, tch. How little professional pride you have. I cant say I am disappointed but I am quite saddened. Such corporate irresponsibility. I hope nobody will get physically hurt. Maybe they may get charged for vilification. I felt so strongly about it, I sent them a complaint. I have never done this ever before. Transcript here.

Went to see David Hare's play "Stuff Happens". It was very well acted. The performers had lots of dialogue to get through. Pretty long though. Close to 2 hours? I wonder how I would have reacted to the contents had my politics been right of center. Nevertheless, it was a powerful play. Some reviews (of other performances) found here.

Gotta go psyche myself up for the school father-daughter mini-golf event tomorrow :-)


Autumn Storm said...

You always have so much diversity in your day-to-day life!
Getting up from the bean bag, lol, I can almost picture it :oD.

Chai said...

Hi there A, You know how you watch the football highlights on TV and it seems so exciting and fast moving. So you turn up to watch a match live, and nothing happens for like 89 minutes, and the solitary minute where something happened turns up on TV in next weeks highlights?

Autumn Storm said...

Get it!
Still, as I said, where I live, there are no theatres, museums, galleries, nice restaurants etc (have to drive for ages, so seldom now as compared to before i came here).

Barbi said...

Not relevant to "Stuff Happens"...but just wanted to let you know your page looks great and I'll have a good read over the next few days! Stay in touch Chai...

Magical_M said...

Stuff Happens was about 3 hours. And then some.

I know because I work for the theatre company that produced it.