Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Crepes of Wrath

Apologies to Steinbeck. [Footnote : I've tried reading the book and mannnnn... is it dry. I gave up after a few chapters. Back to Where's Wally books for me.] Well, not so much wrath, but I thought it sounded better if it was wrath. It's more like mirth. I guess Crepes of Mirth doesnt sound too bad either.
KB changed her mind at the last minute and wanted pancakes/crepes (it's the same for me) for breakfast. Being the indulgent parent that I am, I went to the milkbar for fresh milk and got the instruments out. Beatmaster 2000, where are you? So I make like 15 and all she eats is 2! After all that! I could strangle her. Anyway, for reasons of perpetuity (ie. in case I forget again!!), I'm listing my pancake recipe here, cos after much trial and error as well as much opportunistic snide remarks from an 8.5 y.o. ingrate ("I think the packet ones are better, Dad."), I've come up with something that she'll tolerate. Kids, who'd have them? [<-- joke, I love her to bits which is why she gets away with so much. My fault though.]

2 cups of plain flour
3 x eggs
3 cups of milk
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar

This makes about 15 on my Tefal crepe pan, of which she eats like only 2, which means I'll have to eat the rest for b'fast, lunch and dinner cos I dont like to waste. I threw out about half a dozen the last 2 times I made this for her.

Speaking of food, I see they've starved another brain dead person to death. The Age covers it here. So they're pragmatic enough to let her die, but not compassionate enough to help hasten it. Such idiocy! and hypocrisy. Infuriatingly shallow minded.

Speaking of hypocrisy, I see that the USA is not happy that some Chinese company is trying to buy an American energy company. I guess what's good for the goose....,,, right? The NY Times covers it here. Ha ha.... Good thing the Chinese have short memories and dont bear any grudges. :-)

Which brings me onto the Chinese language. It's a little shameful that I dont speak Mandarin, being of Chinese descent and all. I should do a course to learn this. [flashback alert, sounds of helicopters] When I was 15, I was sent interstate for some sporty selection trial. The national chinese daily covered the event and wanted all the kids names. Of course, pumpkinhead here couldnt write his name in Chinese. Teammate tried to and somebody remarked what he had written was 'vegetable'. Forget it, I said. I wrote it down in English. Of course, the papers next day had all the names and guess whose name stuck out cos it wasnt in script like the others? Traumatised? Well, I still remember the incident. BTW, I didnt make selection either. [end]

So language course enrolment time. I looked at the course guide and what do I see. Language classes held in a restaurant and conducted over a meal? Cool. So I promptly enrolled in Italian for beginners. Starts this week and I cant wait. Am already affamato. I've actually enrolled in a 10 week course in the past but had to drop out after 2 cos of work commitments ie. I had to leave the country for a while and no, it wasnt because of any constabulary entanglements. Mandarin, you ask? Maybe next term.


Rarity said...
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Rarity said...

Maybe instead of mandarin you could try clementines or maybe settle for grapes (goes better with your header today... ;o)

*Sorry about the first post - deleted on account of a typo that sort of ruined my point...*

Autumn Storm said...

Have an extreme case of the munchies now! :o)

Chai said...

a.s., u is funny.

Sarah said...

Read this in the NYtimes yesterday:

An average English speaker takes 1,320 hours to become proficient in Chinese, compared with 480 hours in French, Spanish or Italian.

I wish I'd known that...