Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Le Lack of Sleep

Whooo hooo... le Tour de France is on... I've always thought that given a choice of winning any sports event in the world, I'd choose winning the tour over tennis, golf, the nba, FA cup etc... They're showing it nightly, and finishes about 130am. Here we go......

Speaking of which, I was riding to work the other day (it was 11C in the morning, which satisfied my critirea for riding in, ie. double digits temperature :-) ), I spotted this lone rider dawdling about 200 meters ahead. I caught up eventually, and overtook him. As per protocol, one doesnt linger in front of an 'overtakee', so I accelerated a bit after overtaking. Fifty meters on, I peeped behind me and lo and behold, he was on my wheel. Yikes. Of course, I couldnt slow down, could I? (Loss of face etc...) So from the velodrome in East Hawthorn, till about St Kevins College, I was cycling at about 32km/h (which is faster than I normally ride). I was about to pass out when just after St Kevins, he overtook me and made a right turn towards Abbotsford. Thank you buddha. He gave a me a thank you wave as I was his domestique for almost 2kms. Now he'll never find out if I could have kept up that speed for longer. :-)

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