Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dad stuff

Had to bribe Kimi to come with me to go see the Ancient Egyptian exhibition at the Melbourne museum. For an 8.5 year old kid, she can sure negotiate. And we're going for *her* benefit anyway.

I'd expected it to be bigger but nevertheless, it was quite interesting. There were lots of exhibits and concepts dealing with death. I hope it didnt affect her badly because we never really discussed this topic very much. She did seem to already know quite a bit about Egpytian mummies and their gods. I found out later that most of it's from that cartoon with the mummy on the ABC. And I did find her trying to write her name using the hieroglyphics. Cute.

We stopped at a bakery in Richmond and she wanted 2 egg tarts (one was for breakfast). She definitely knows what she likes.

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Mouthy Girl said...

Looking at your blog, I can't believe you commented on mine. I am so basic in comparison. So "just me". So non techy. I wish I had the savvy and maybe someday I will. It's good you educate your daughter. She will appreciate the time spent and the knowledge that her life matters to you.