Monday, June 27, 2005

Bartok? I am not so sure I ....

"Not Bartok, is it?", was my instinctive response when Liesl asked me to go for her orchestras recital, which was met with evil cackling laughter. Sigh, I guess it is for a good cause (ie. the Children's Hospital). However, it was surprisingly tolerable. Almost pleasant. But I read that he never finished this piece and his ex-student, Tibor something, finished it for him. Maybe that's why.

Anyway, got invited to some dinner party where I had to bring my extra-large rice cooker. So I turn up 20 mins early as rice was fundamental to the success of the night. I still hadnt suspected anything when I was handed an apron on entry. Yes, I was nothing but a glorified kitchen hand. But the girls did really well cooking for 11(!). I liked the beef salad best. Nice and spicy. The host brought out her copy of The Dating Rules. What a hoot. You can sell a million copies writing stuff like this?!? Not sure if people buy them as after dinner entertainment or as a serious piece. I can tell you that it certainly succeeds as the former.

Thought I'd go see Bill Henson's exhibition before it disappears. I hadnt realised that he'd been around for so long, since the mid 70s. Anyway, some of the pieces were brilliant! I especially liked the project commissioned by the Paris Opera House. The use of light reminds me of some of Carravaggio's paintings. But some of them, I think if it was I who took them, they'd be in my junk section. Now, what I need to do is become really famous, and then all my junk photos would be hung in a gallery somewhere with really expensive frames and lighting and you'd get people like me looking at it and going 'What the...'.

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