Saturday, June 11, 2005

Infinite mopishness

Hah! The community centre rings me to tell me that the twice postponed Indian vegetarian cooking course was going ahead with 36 hours notice, that is if I can get 2 more people to attend. Yikes... Some serious arm twisting may be in order. Good thing they were willing participants otherwise it might have got ugly ('Remember the time you needed a paper-clip?'). The first lesson was reasonably good. I was surprised how most things were pureed, onions, tomatoes, green chillies. In 80 mins, we'd cooked 2 dishes plus some paratha bread. The dough was pre-kneaded, but we got to shape and cook it on the skillet. I was amazed as to how little time it took even considering that all the ingredients were prepared prior to the class. Will try out the chick-pea recipe this week. Yumm.... esp the parathas. Salivatingly so. (Ghee is made of what!?!!). The instructor said she'd never ever eaten meat in her life. Wow!

I'd received some soon-to-expire Target vouchers from my credit card company and seeing that Coldplay has a new album out, I went and got it. Just the usual mopey, melodic stuff. Man, how can someone write such sorrowful lyrics like that? I really like it though. My current favourites are "A Message" and the impossibly despairing "What If". From the cover liner, I think their politics is leftish, just like Green Day, but a bit more subtle. Word of advice, I wouldnt listen to this if I was feeling low. And if you like mopish stuff like this, check out Damien Rice.

I'd bought myself a 256Mb mp3 player and those headphones that come with it are cr*p!

They keep falling out of my ears and when I use my Philips HD850(?), it's like FM v/s AM! I can actually hear the lyrics as well as bits which I never heard using the other headphones. So if you happen to own the same, I suggest investing in some quality headphones and enjoy the music. A pity that the Philips are not very 'portable'. OK... 1 drawback... I can hear every defect in the mp3 conversion process (some clicks and pops). Quite annoying...

Speaking of music, some friends and I went to see International Karate. Was raving about the band to the others. For some reason, they played first though they were slated to come on second. I was such a *big* fan that I didnt realise it was them till the second last song ("Hang on, that's an IK song!"). Embarassing? Maybe for others. Well, a little. My only complaint was that I stunk so strongly of cigarette smoke that I'd put my clothes in the wash first thing when I got home.

The guys at work sent me this link to an online game.... and it *is* addictive... Kitten Cannon. Have fun...

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