Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Smile

Speaking of smiles, not that it bothers me in the slightest (what, me shallow?), but has anybody noticed that the presenters on Channel Nine have crooked mouths, namely Ms Fanning (who I think is pretty hot. Whoa... I didnt know she was Bernard's sister.) and their male newsreader who sometimes does the late news, might be Michael Usher.
Or maybe it is just my TV.

On to more sombre matters, I read of this totally disgusting murder. I can completely understand why the Americans are not liked over in Iraq. I wonder about the others that are not reported or caught. Would drive one to be a suicide bomber.

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A Current snapshot of my life, a break from all this reminiscing that seems to be going on. So I bare to you (a snippet of) my soul, for all to see. Be kind to my nakedness.

"Meet me at the Moravia. We need to talk." Oh oh.

It's the old, old story. Droid meets droid. Droid becomes chameleon. Droid loses chameleon, chameleon turns into blob, droid gets blob back again, blob meets blob, blob goes off with blob, and droid loses blob, chameleon and droid. How many times have we seen that story?
[Apologies to Red Dwarf]

Same old, same old. I've heard them all.

* I only like you as a friend
* It's not you, it's me.
* I'm getting married in an hour, for God's sake.
* I already have a boyfriend.
* I am leaving the country.
* I need space.
* I am leaving Melbourne.
* My lesbian partner forbids me to see you any more.
* I am not ready for this
* I am married to the sea

And thus I was subjected to what I shall, from this day call the Moravian manoeveur. Ah well.

One of the above reasons is NOT true.


Pomgirl said...

Married to the sea? Is that the one which isn't true? Don't tell me you've had the brush off from a salty old sea dog.

Don't lose faith, Chai. You seem quite fab to me.

meva said...

I think I'd prefer 'I'm married to the sea' to 'It's not you, it's me'. At least you could leave on a laugh! (Actually, 'It's not you, it's me/I'm married to the sea' has a very nice ring to it. I might use it at some time in the future if you don't mind.)

Your readers love you, Chai.

Chai said...

Hee hee.... I'll let the suspense (if any) linger on a little longer.
And thank you for the kind words.

sarah said...

look chai... i'm going to be honest here... i dont like a lot of people... i usually make excuses like ' i am sorry i did not reply to your messages, but i had a family emergency in swaziland and i had to rush off for weeks and did not have signal' ... but you seem like someone that i would not get rid of (mwahahaa)

so i hope that is some solace

and the fact that i said that in the midst of the current SA / OZ cricket game is testament to the fact that i am telling the truth

M said...

"my lesbian partner forbids me to see you anymore?"

That WOULD be a story!

M said...

(and since you seem quite the awesome person obviously there are certain people out there who are a few short!!!)

ChickyBabe said...

"* I'm getting married in an hour, for God's sake."

Nice try, Chai! ;)

Chai said...

It's very interesting how different people pick up on different reasons. The wedding one was a little bit shameful on my part. I look back and it's like a different person. Ooops.... I guess you can cross that one out (as being untrue).
And I luvs youse all too.

Rosanna said...

Chai, marry me and we'll live in sin.

Chai said...

But you dont understand. If we got married, then in God's eyes, it's no longer living in sin. Besides, you'd probably break my heart. All the pretty ones do.

Justine said...

wonky smiles - for that familar charm.

court-martials - if found guilty, the punishment could be Guantanemo! Oh, except they would be getting the trial FIRST so that logic doesn't work... is everybody here on the AMNESTY flotilla? :-)

Theory and empiri VS religion - nice diagram!

That cafe - related to Brunetti's? I miss you, Brunetti's... I miss your Italian hotchocolate on my way home from work on days when it seemd like someone had gone over my body with a hole punch. Brunetti's, Donati's, that pasta shop... Ohhhh CARLTON you sucked me in I have become a chauvanistic Melbournite. Brunswick st, i still love you too even if you changed.

Um, you'll find someone. The great guys always do, it seems :)

Justine said...

eventually, i mean :)

Chai said...

Ahhh ... Brunetti's. You wont too pleased to read this then.

And life is just all blog fodder. :-)

Jay said...

Hehe, married in an hour. Must remember that one.

obtuse-a said...

oh Chai

Chai said...

Heh heh indeed, jay.

And dont worry, obtuse, it's not traumatic. Just very silly.

Justine said...


I thought you were just going to provoke me with a bad review or something RIDICULOUS like that... If anything happens to those people, I will fly back to Australia and stage a protest... sew my lips together so the only thing that can fit through them is a little straw to sip italian chocolate through... It could get ugly I tell you.

Brunetti's is practically a Melbourne institution. The city should buy the premises for them.

gigglewick said...

I AM married to the sea.

And also Mr Fix. But then, he's the understanding type.

Chai said...

Provoke you, just? When (and why) would I do that? Anyway, I'm sure worst case, they'll find something nearby.

Married to the sea, eh, ggw? Would have been good to have met in real life, then I would have been able to COMPLETE the set!!!

Yes, it's the 'married to the sea' bit which is the not true one.

Steph said...

I wish just once someone would be honest and say, "It's not me, it's you, ya twat".....Not that you're a twat....just sayin.

I'll be leaving now.

Chai said...

Thanks for the, errr, what was it that just happened?
Anyway, thanks. Come again.

Justine said...

Provoke like tease, in a fun way. Is what I meant :)

GoAwayPlease said...

chai - your link to 3l melllyfeline is o her old ur which was hacked and hijacked.
oue melb melly is now mellyfeline with 2 l's

re Chai said... at obtusa's,

Ahhh... shite... When blogger forced me to switch over to my google user, I used my email gmail user, instead of my blogger gmail.
Sometimes, I forget.

that happens to me too and is verry irritating,

Chai said...

Thanks for that, G.A.P. I had neglected my blogroll cos I dont use it anymore, since I started using the Sage plugin for Firefox so hadnt been paying attention.

It is annoying regd the blogger account thing. I've since added the other me to my blog. Hence, you'll notice that there are now 2 chai's in the Contributors section.

ChickyBabe said...

Double Chai and one has a head! Or am I seeing double?

Chai said...


Blogger made me switch over.
And I without thinking I used my blogger gmail instead of my
normal gmail.

As I am always logged into my email gmail, it thinks I am
that instead of the blogger one.

So stuff it, I said. Solution - to avoid having
to log out and in all the time, I invited my other self.

Which works out well, though now the other personalities
all now want to be invited as well.

The short version of the answer to your question?
Yes, you are seeing double.

What, me complicated?

Autumn Storm said...

When you least expect it, Chai, someone is going to grab you up - few around as sweet as you and pretty soon some lucky gal is going to, well, get lucky on a permanent basis. :-D
Hugs to you, Chai.

Rosanna said...

Dumb. How can you be married AND live in sin, Rosanna?

Forgive me Chai.

Miss Natalie said...

Excuses, don't you just hate it - being honest is just too hard. 'There's no spark' is so easy.

My favourite is: I'd rather be dusting fridge magnets than go to dinner with you :-P

Chai said...

as : everything is bon. I like being a monk/hermit anyway. The robes are cool.

rosie : Forgiven. Sinful or not, I'm still open to the idea though.

nat : Yes, the magnets comment would be less hurtful. *starts to cry*

Rosanna said...

How about next week? ;)

Chai said...

Hallelujah! A live one.

Husky Nutmeg said...

Hey Gorgeous

Sometimes coffee is just coffee, I guess.

Someone read my cards the other day and I got the 'Hermit' card. I thought, yep that would be right too.

Chai said...

And I dont even drink coffee normally. Playing with tarot cards, eh?

Husky Nutmeg said...

Mystical answers for logical questions I guess.

kiki said...

NCIS is a real unit? wow, i thought it was just created for the show...

maybe, if, nay WHEN, the situations are reversed, you can say that you're a corpsman about to head to (insert current warzone)?

and also maybe, you should stop sitting in urine on trams!

Chai said...

hn, hmmmmmm......

Good point, keeks. I guess not all people consider urea equals pheremones.

Nai said...

My Pa is a big fan of the flow chart (he's done about 8 too many 'quality systems' and 'effective management' courses) so now both of us have your science versus religion flow charts as our wallpaper.
And I know I haven't known you long, but you seem like a lovely and eloquent chap. A lovely lass will come along (and stay). Promise.

phishez_rule said...

I love the religion vs science pic. Its so true.

And as far as the 'list' goes - you missed one


I think silence hurts the most.

Orhan Kahn said...

*right click, save as*

Chai said...

Attribution... I got the flowchart off Boing Boing.

Thanks Nai. Weirdly enough, I am not concerned :-) *shrugs*

phishez, silence is bad. This wasnt bad. She said 'Dont hate me'. I said, 'Not you. Your gender'. And that was that.

Orhan, weirdo.

Susanne said...

Red Dwarf and Simpson's references in one post? Nicely done Chai.

Sorry to hear about the Moravia talk. It's hard to end relationships without resorting to cliches isn't it? But what were you doing seeing someone who already had a lesbian partner anyway?!?

Anonymous said...

its almost that time of the month again for Chai...

Chai said...

suss : Ah yes, the Simpsons reference. I forgot attribution. Regd lesbian, it's a simple but sordid tale, which will probably never ever see the light, to be lost forever, like, ummm, footprints in the sand.

anon : I know who you are! and can guess where you work!