Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let me be wiik

Crazy weather. One day, I've the air-conditioning on in the room and the next day, I've got the heating on. But with the end of spring (and my hay fever), I've started cycling again. I find riding quite relaxing, but sadly, sometimes I get caught up with secretly racing strangers, and it all goes downhill from there.

The other day, everything was cool and was just cycling casually to work and then noticed this cyclist appearing in my rear mirror. It's a GIRL! She was at my tail and didnt overtake after the customary 50 meters of tailing. So being the fool that I am, I thought, OK lady, you're going to get burnt. *starts humming opening stanza of the James Bond theme*. The ascent up to Anderson St bridge was where I started my attack. A sudden burst of speed (or so it seemed to me). Cyclist kept up, still sitting on my wheel. We did this for about 1.9 kms. Looked at my speedometer, was 32.2 km/h, had a quick look at the mirror and lordy, she wasnt even peddling. Yikes, I thought. I'm about to die. I was going 100% flat stick and was getting really, really puffed, things around me were seeming to get dark. All manner of thoughts raced through my head, along the lines of No point pretending I am fast and What about the loss of face and I am going to pass out. What's that thumping noise? But there was a fork in the road coming up. I glanced in my mirror and thank god, she took the other path and we went our separate ways. Oh sh*t! 100 meters further on, I see her in front of me again, this time with me about 10 meters behind cos I'd slowed right down. She'd followed the paved path and I'd taken the unsurfaced one. I was too knackered to make up any ground up the ascent to Swanston St. But she had to stop at the traffic lights anyway. I pulled up next to her at the lights. She looked at me and grinned. Ooooo, she's pretty. I smiled back and let my tongue hang out (from the exhaustion), Mannn... you're pretty quick, and I, ummm, was secretly racing you. She laughed and confessed that so was she. I dont normally cycle this fast but it was fun. Quite a workout but I'm going to be pretty worn out at work, she added. I looked at her bike and it looked like a fast bike (racer with really cool looking spokes). I only have a hybrid. OK, so maybe I checked out some other bits as well. Women in lycra, there is something special about that. Anyway, it'd be unlikely that I'll ever bump into her ever again as we ride at the same speed. So Ms. cyclist with a Giant roadbike, and a purple and yellow knapsack, I think I'm in love with you.

And I'm glad to report that my bottom dont hurt anymore. But my flanks are sore, from boxing on the Wii.

(*) And dream of sheep.


Autumn Storm said...

Bless. I hope you meet again. Ya never know.
Happy New Year, dear Chai, much happiness to you and to that gorgeous girl of yours, xo

Mel said...

Notice how WII pain ain't 'wee pain'? It kills the day after. Sigh.
Hope you have mastered the art of the Ace Shot in Tennis. :)
Happy New Year to you.

ChickyBabe said...

Boys Toys! :P

Happy NY Chai! here's to an eventful 2007!

M said...

happy new year chai - don't overdo it though - sweat and lyrca don't mix! :P

meva said...

Great times ahead in 2007, Chai! Enjoy!

Chai said...

Thank you all for your NY wishes. And may 2007 be doubly great for you.

gigglewick said...


You got beat good.

On the other hand, you can probably rest for several months now.

Happy new year.


Pomgirl said...'re such a boy! Anyhoo, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. One of my resolutions is to start cycling again when I get back to Melbourne - on actual roads!

Jay said...

Yikes. I'd be hollering for a rematch! Of course, no one here actually bikes anywhere, too dangerous. People drive their bikes out to the country, where they can cycle aimlessly, in safe circles.

Steph said...

Hahaha, burned by a GIRL!
I like it. :P

Chai said...

Well, for all of your information, I LET HER WIN! That's right. I LET HER WIN.
Yeah, that's it.
She's probably not into short chinese guys anyway.

Rosanna said...

Ha. I am glad to hear that you confessed that you were secretly-not-so-secretly racing her. And Lycra? I am proud. I AM PROUD. My biggest vice is leggings.

I ride my bike everywhere, but not in an exhausting fashion. Just down to the shops and what not. Tend to go the way where I don't need to pedal.

Happy New Year, Chai. I hope 2007 brings you less sore muscles and more girl wins.

Audrey said...

Women in lycra?

Chai said...

Thanks for the NY greetings Rosie.

And regd women in lycra, we all have our little pecularities, havent we?

sarah said...


sports like cycling scare me after having to give my 5 uncles and my brother tips on how to shave their legs

also the fact that i had to watch my little brother in his rowing regattas for years and i still haven't quite gotten over the whole spandex thing. (spandex - lycra potato potatoe ... it clings people! bleugh!) ;)

Chai said...

'allo Sarah. My first Sth African visitor! Funny that I just started working for a Sth African company. Lycra potato, eh? Reminds me of that pic I saw of Princess Anne and the Italian rowers at the Olympics.

sarah said...

i'm not quite sure what we've invented with a 'lycra potato'... and i'm sure you know what i was saying, but i feel the need to clarify to remove this FRIGHTENING imagery from my head!

lycra is to spandex what
potato is to potatoe as in :
'i say potato you say potatoe
i say tomatoe you say tomato (i've never tried to write this out before)
lets caaaall the whole thing offff!'

there. that must make more sense. i dont see how it possibly couldn't

Chai said...

Ahhhhhh.... sorry. And I hope you are over 18, cos of the adult themes :-)

Jay said...

I've been having crazy weather days myself, although that may have more to do with my inner temperatures. I like to sleep with windows open, even in sub-zero weather...the water beside my bed always turns to ice. So do Jason's feet.

Justine said...

Sounds fun :-)

Susanne said...

Awww, cute story chai!