Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why I Blog

OK, Rowena posed these questions on her blog. Well, it's her homework and I suspect she's using the power of the internet to do it for her. *winks* :-). Or at least, that's what I'd do if I was her, which I may be, or not, this being the internet.
So Ro, this is for you (sort of, I may be veering off topic, a little).

1. Why do you blog?
2. Blogging v journalism – is blogging the "new" journalism, an adjunct to it, absolutely nothing to do with it? (I’m talking about "current affairs" type blogs here obviously)
3. Do you also write for a living? How do the two co-exist for you? Why do both?
4. Positives and negatives of the blogging experience?
5. Does blogging foster connection and dialogue between people or is it all an illusion? Does blogging matter?

A1. I always saw it as a diary/journal. I know it's not, but that's how it started out for me. I thought it'd be cool for my kid to be able to read it when she was older, trying to figure out her dad. I know I could have used pen/paper instead but I'm an online kind of guy. It'd be so cool if my grandad/great-grandad had kept some sort of journal. Maybe they did, but it doesnt exist now.
These are some comments from my vicious real life 'friends'.
"I think your grandchildren will be very comforted to know that their grandfather was a nerdy loner, spending hours cataloguing his existence on an online blog,rather than actually living ;-)
Ahhh, they dont understand, do they.
The content sort of changed when I realised some people read it (my fault, I should have been anonymous). Which means I dont write stuff which is too personal and as hard as I try to ignore it, stuff which I think is not interesting to others. The latter which I didnt care before. Not that I do now, but it's at the back of my mind.

A2. First, define journalism. I think it's one type of journalism. Maybe a hybrid between a journalist and a writer. What makes something journalism? If one writes for a paper, then it is journalism? If said same writer gets sacked from the paper but continues writing the same thing via a blog, has anything changed? Just the medium. So I think the answer is in the content, rather than the medium used. Similarly, just because it gets published in a paper doesnt make it journalism. The medium used is inconsequential.

A3. Is writing software considered writing? If not, then no. I guess I sometimes write documentation for it, as well as requirements, correspond with customers, which may need use of lots of weasel words. Anyways,...

A4. Positives are that I get to communicate with people with whom I would never have been able to in a real world, cos of geography, different social circles. Just like friends of engineers are mostly other engineers. I assume it's similar of other fields. Plus I get to read some wonderful writers. I think Jay is very talented. And I've actually met people (eg. fluffy, bekk, rachy, tim and a few others who I know are bloggers but not what their blogs are called off the top of my head). This should be under 'Negatives', you say? Yeah, very funny.
Negatives - it is so frigging time consuming. It takes a lot of energy, time and creativity to maintain a constant output, which I dont have and I admire those who actually manage to do this. Chicky and Steph comes immediately to mind.
I am quite surprised that some people still visit here cos I would have thought my irregular posts and uncommentable content would repel all, eventually. :-) Do I care if I get zero visitors? Yes and no. I dont want any readers (I think. Wait! Dont leave), but I would be a little upset, initially. I dont understand either.

A5. For sure (fosters communication). It is just another medium. 100 years ago, people were using the poets corner in the market, now it is this. Nothing has changed except the medium. You still get the odd loony spouting whatever. But the internet gives all a global audience.
And I dont think blogging matters in the whole scheme of things. The internet matters, but not so blogging. If blogs disappeared overnight, I'd have a few hours a week of my life back.

Hope this was of help, Ro. I have opinions on many other matters as well, such as the AWB thingy. Poor Mark Vaile. He can either tell the truth, and get into big trouble or pretend he remembers nothing, and come across as an incompetent buffoon.


Rowena said...

Thank you Chai.

Now, it's perfectly legitimate to gather quotes from bloggers about blogging. Just like you'd get quotes from a musician about their music. And what better way to get quotes from bloggers about blogging than through blogs?

Chai said...

Hiya Ro, bloody internet. Inflection doesnt come through all that well. I've since added a smiley. It was tongue in cheek. And you're welcome (welcomed?).

m1k3y said...

interesting post Chai.. I've got one with just that title in my unfinished pile.. prolly won't finish it til after Easter tho..

but, in short, to do with creating/constructing identity.. expressing oneself.. and people as blogjects..

Husky Nutmeg said...

Hiya Chai. I thinking blogging is a bit like column writing, i.e. you get to give your opinion about whatever.

Time consuming? What time is it?

Chai said...

Guys, dont tell me... Tell Ro. :-) It's OK... u can tell me.

Jay said...

Well, I don't know, this post lacked...a certain...pancake-hatedness to it that I've really come to cherish in your posts.


Okay, I'll let that go now.
I think I've had some of the same misgivings about the thing as you have, but at the end of the day, I do it because I'm not bored of it yet. Simple as that. And I am always glad that people like you aren't either.

Mia said...

My family recently discovered an old diary belonging to my great great grandfather, my sister is planning to put it up page by page on a blog.

BEVIS said...

Great post, but that pic just TOOK THE CAKE!!

I love it, fantastic Blob parody, made me laugh.

Well done, Chai!

ChickyBabe said...

I think we all question why we blog at some point. But to have a purpose, for your daughter to read, that's quite heart-warming.

Chai said...

jay, I am glad you continue writing. I always enjoy the rhythm you write with. :-)

mia, wow. wow. I dont know how I'd feel if I discovered something like that. It would be so awesome I think. Friend who has a family record reckons in his family, certain patterns in behaviour can be seen (with regards to relationships, business, children etc...).

Thanks Bev. It wasnt a proper post. Not that any of them have been.

cb, I think the original intent has been lost, like tears in the rain. :-)

Steph said...

I don't blog every day. I've cut it down to about three a week now, unless something weird and wonderful happens that i just have to post about :P

Chai said...

You make it sound like it's bad to blog often, Steph. You know that's not what I meant, right? I was trying to say that I admire the energy and creativity it takes to write interesting stuff so often so consistently.

Justine said...

Chicky has blog access at work! That's a dream job, I tell ya :-)

Steph said...

No sweets, I didn't take it in a bad way at all :)

Mel said...

I love this topic, Chai... Blogging is journalism - it's real and it's by everyone. Can you dig it? Yeahhhhh

Susanne said...

Good post Chai. It is time consuming isn't it?

sublime-ation said...

Where did you get that pic?

Chai said...

just : cb blogging at work is high risk I thought. The 'others' might notice and then the whole anonymous thing is up.

steph : am glad you are so robust :-)

mel : sounds like fertile ground for a debate over a drink, or six.

suss : it is time consuming. I'd like to write more often but I think I'm living in a time accelerator. Time and life whooshes past. And I am none the wiser.

Hi there subl, long time no talk. I got it from http://www.t-shirthumor.com/Merchant2/

ChickyBabe said...

For the record, I don't blog from work, but I can't say anymore on that. It's way too risky and the chance of exposure is very high. Besides, everyone can check their statcounters and see where I work. And you know what a bloganoid I am!

Chai said...

There you go, justine. Straight from the horses mouth. I on the other hand, do look at blogs from work but not at this new job I just started, yet.

Justine said...

fair enough. I think I was just having an attack of "Why don't I get internet at work??!"-ity.

I am kind of starting to miss my old picture. What do you think?

Susanne said...

Re: Death Cab. No worries Chai, should be a good shoe hey?

Susanne said...

Sorry, a good 'show'.

Sowmiya said...
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