Monday, March 13, 2006

Random observations

As the world turns, (+ other midday TV serial titles), check out my restaurant review.

Here are some non-sequitur bits milling around in my brain (cos there's lots of room there).

* The USA is pushing for US infrastructure to be made US owned only. Implications? I think most of the private electricity companies here are US owned.

* It's better for one to be part of the team in opposition than for the team to be in government but without said one.

* Oil spill in Alaska. Hmmm... maybe I shouldnt have driven in this morning. Didnt feel like riding in the rain and the trains are running on Sunday timetables.

* The Queen is in town. Hmmm, hmmmm and hmmmm again.

* Last week, I saw Jana Pittman when walking in from the train station (near the CAE). She had a half smile on her face but was avoiding eye contact with all. Which got me to thinking, if I wanted to keep a low profile, I shouldnt be wearing a flourescent yellow tracksuit in the city at 9 a.m. in the morning.

* I picked up the plane tickets for the kid and I to visit her grandparents in June. She is really excited. Mine is more a mixture of mild dread and extreme dread.

* I am at work on a public holiday. Which is not that bad as I'm taking Tuesday off instead, to look after the kid.

On a lighter note, check this out dude. My restaurant review. Granted, it was done hurriedly cos I wanted the blog to have a constant flow of 2 reviews a week and the well is dry.

This band is becoming more prominent in my playlist. I should try and find out why the unusual name. Having said that, Steely Dan's Peg is my current ear worm. I think it's the funky rhythm.

Finally, I am happy but I hope the rest of my life is not going to be like this (while maintaining or exceeding my level of happiness, of course).

Point of this post? None.


Susanne said...

Oooh, first comment!

Ah, working on a public holiday is great isn't it? :/

I really like Death Cab. I keep missing them when they tour down here though.

Chai said...

I saw that (regd working) on your blog too. Am the only one in the office. It's a little spooky here.
And regd Death Cab, the name implies death metal to me but that's just so way off.

Jay said...

Wow, the queen sure isn't afraid of bold colours in her golden years, is she? I wouldn't be surprised if she had a yellow tracksuit too.

ChickyBabe said...

Gotta give it to you Chai for giving your review a plug, ooh 3 times in one post! I don't know how you do it...


Chai said...

hiya jay, I think she is your Queen too, isnt she? I sometimes feel sorry for her, but it passes pretty quickly. Her husband doesnt sound like a very nice man.

cb: I was hoping no one would pick up on that. Too sharp for me.

Mel said...

I am so sick of whinging Jana Pittman and the media circus around her - her constant high-school battles with Tamysn and her 'effing knee, her back, her cra... well.. you get the idea. Let's hope she takes the weather with her to Merry Old England.

Steph said...

Jana Pittman shits me to tears. I hope someone kneecaps her! Meooowww!

Husky Nutmeg said...

Just in case anyone missed it.

I think this trip was hard work for the Queen.

Rachy said...

I am organising a grogblogging in a couple of weeks, it would be outstanding if you could come along

We really do need to catch up, mate. Life got a little hectic around the new year period, and I do believe that I owe you a beer :-)

Chai said...

Poor Jana... she's just lost her point of reference, I think w.r.t. reality. Would I miss her if she ran for the UK instead? It's all the same to me.

hn : the queen does look like she's not having much fun at all. It's a pretty long flight.

rachy : Dont tell anyone but I intend to turn up. Have cleared my schedule for that day. Unless it's a April Fools joke and I'll be the only one there but I dont care.

Autumn Storm said...

"a mixture of mild dread and extreme dread" Really? That bad? :-) At least, the littl'un is excited, has she been before?

Chai said...

as : it's not that bad, for the first 36 hours. It sort of degrades after that. I think I'll just bring a stack of fiction and let the kid entertain them.

Autumn Storm said...


Jay said...

She is indeed also my Queen. Well, not mine personally. She's done very little for me recently, but her little head does appear on the back of all our coins.

Russell Allen said...

The Jana thing is funny. I've never understood that about sportsfolks. When I was in Sydney over New Year, Roger Federer was in Myer was outside the women's changing room waiting for his girlfriend trying not to be noticed. Of course, he was wearing full tracksuit whites and was carrying a small racket bag. Incon-friggin-spicuous!

Chai said...

jay : Monarchy... maybe it's time has passed.

Hiya Rusty, welcome back to blogworld. They always come back.
Regd tracksuits, it is odd. Maybe they dont own normal clothes.