Monday, January 23, 2006

It's not you, it's me.

This sorry saga takes in events spanning 2 nights.1

Day 1. Friday Night
I'd rung Simon (who sometimes reads my blog. Hi S!) up to see if he wanted go see Good Night, Good Luck.
S : Hello.
Me : The luminuous wind gently shimmers off the jade pagoda. *click*

S was 5 mins late cos he got the time wrong. Then these 2 giggly girls2 had the audacity to jump the cinema queue by walking over those zig-zag lines which we (I) was happy to follow. OK, so it was just them and us in the queue, but still. S is such a shameless flirt. They were going for Narnia. Pfft. Kids movie. 1 hour to kill before the movie started so food time3.

Hey! The same girls were there at the restaurant! While they were perusing the menu at the window, we got in and got the last table. Up your nose, girls. Karma sucks! Anyway, I'm glad S declined my offer to invite them over cos when they eventually got seated4 next to us, we discovered the quiet one had a voice like nails dragged down a blackboard. S confirmed my observations by clever use of his eyebrows. *shudder*

Conversation after the movie.
S : I did think some of the audience looked a bit young.
Me : Crossed my mind too. I thought Melbourne youth had gone serious.
S : And I did hear you say cinema Five, I just thought you knew where you were going.
Me : Thanks for the confidence. The jade pagoda falleth down the mountain.

[flashback] Conversation in the cinema.
Me : Jeesh, it's taking a long time to start.
[5 mins later]
Me : Shit. It's Narnia. Shit. Have u seen it before? Shit. Shit.5
[5 mins later]
S : Can you *stop* swearing now?

And that, is how I saw Narnia for the 2nd time in a space of 10 days. I didnt like it all that much the first time either. 132 minutes.

Day 2. Saturday Night.
Was going to go see The Constant Gardener with Elle before it disappeared from the big screen. Pre-movie dinner review here.

Conversation at the cinema queue.
L : What do you mean there is no booking? I rang at 430? They took my card number.
Usher : Sorry, Miss. The session is sold out.
Me (grimaces) : This is one great weekend for movie outings.6 Shit. Shit.

Later, as I was leaving her place.
L : Why do things like this happen to me?
Me (distractedly) : It's not you, it's.... me.

*big sigh* I try again in a fortnight.

1 I did consider doing this Memento style. Did you know how hard that is?
2 an incidental secondary story.
3 I'll eventually do a review at We Do Chew Our Food.
4 They actually moved from their original allocated table to the one next to ours. *shrugs*
5 Narnia started 15 mins later than GNGL. I estimate we'd already missed about that much, 15 mins of the other movie. Karma does suck.
6 Friday the 13th? Pffft...


sublime-ation said...

This was actually pretty close to a blog done Memento style, but I didn't have to look away and get all squirmy while watching it then turn it off half-way through cause I felt sick like I did with the real Memento (it's those psychological icky films that make me squeamish, it's my problem I'll deal with it. Eternal Sunshine was a killer).

Chai said...

Sorry... I hope it was coherent though.

ChickyBabe said...

You mean this wasn't Memento style, or am I just a dizzy blonde? Careful... ;)

Chai said...

*breaks down*

sublime-ation said...

Don't apologise, I said I didn't have to look away. I thought it was a rather amazing and interesting new blog style. You can call it: The New Chai Style (A Style Formulated to Fit In Many Events Over Two Separate Nights).
Actually, I do this all the time...
Scrap that.

MelbourneGirl said...

what is the "luminous wind and the jade pagoda" stuff code for? that's the only bit which was just the other side of coherent for me.

boy talk?

and it's not just you, it's me too. my life is FULL of such events.

[joins chai in sighing deeply]

debs said...

hehe. Sounds like it just wasnt meant to be :)
So, you didnt like narnia? I was thinking of seeing it at some point but i might just wait till its on dvd or something.

I discovered today that easter is now in April this year! Good friday the 14th April, easter sunday & monday the 16th-17th. Guess they didnt want people to be distracted from the commonwealth games by easter. No easter-egg-and-spoon races this year. pish posh

its not you... it me. (crazy that is!)

Chai said...

subl : apology retracted. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

melb : It was just a ambitious (and pathetic) attempt to make my friends appear cooler than they really are. ie the above cryptic message meant 'Meet me at the Rivoli, 755pm, Box office' but writing down the latter didnt seem as ... never mind. Sorry to hear about the parallels in our lives.

debs : doesnt sound like it, does it? 2 attempts to see movie, manage to see 1 wrong one and never got into the 2nd. Sad but true. My friend certainly hitched her wagon to the wrong star.

Darcy said...

Bugger. Both good films.

MelbourneGirl said...

princess saw narnia in america and has told me we will be seeing it together. i look forward to it. loved the books as a kid.

Husky Nutmeg said...

You know what they say about lemons and lemonade my friend. I think you'll be okay, somehow. But is your friend's wagon red?

I still question what kids are bringing home in their heads when they watch Narnia.

BTW I love the code thing - used often between my son and I. Poor kid.

Chai said...

darcy : Yes, I hear they are supposed to be good.

mg : My kid loved it. I told her the story and she laughed. Later when I asked her if she wanted to go see a movie, she said 'Yes, but it means u have to see a movie for a third time'. Didnt happen.

hn : Code with the kid,eh? My kid thinks I'm weird and often tells me and not very diplomatically either.

Husky Nutmeg said...

Yeah, I know what that's like. Funny thing is, my son has grown up a lot like me, so who's laughing now? The shrink maybe.

Jay said...

Whew. That's a little crazy.

debs said...

moi, like food? how could you tell. lol
Sure, i'll be in ur foodies club... but we get to eat food right? Considering its for the good of mankind, i'll do it.

That was one complicated code by the way..

scarlett said...

Chai, I've just noticed your a fellow aquarian, when's your birthday?

Chai said...

hn : I do remind her that we *all* become like our parents. She says she wants to be like her mum. Pfft.

jay : we all let the weirdness in, sometimes. I'm more worried about the coherence.

debs : done. OK.. doing.

scar : Its more than a year away.

Justine said...

2 cents worth:

narnia the movie - i found it a bit too childish. The animals were pretty clunky too (compared to say, king kong... OK maybe my standards are getting too high... although was it just me or did kong keep changing size proportionally to Naomi?).

good night & good luck - was good. I don't know why george clooney's character was in it, but I liked it. one thing, and I'm sure this is no problemo for you chai but it does assume its audience knows about mcCarthyism, and already understands why these journalists were important.

If one never did history or one just doesn't know so much about the US, then i think it might leave one wondering.

Steph said...

Loved Narnia, and have a slight peadophillic (sp?) crush on Peter. Just call me Mary Kay le whatsherface.

Chai said...

just : agree with your assessment. The kids annoyed me no end. If I was them, I'd have been frigging terrified, and there they are, smiling etc... And the lion. How annoyingly majestic. Maybe I'm asking too much for realism in a kids movie.
GNGL sounds good. Might try go see it again.

steph : Loved the new pic! I dont have a shoe fetish but I do have 1 pair tennis shoes, 1 pair squash shoes, 1 pair indoor sports shoes, 1 pair table tennis shoes, 1 pair cycling shoes, 2 pairs running shoes, 3 pairs casual runners, 3 pairs formal shoes, 2 pairs casual shoes (non-runners), 2 pairs hiking shoes. More than I expected. Hmmm..
Anyway, it is le Tourneau, from memory. I'm not sure if I'm surprised. :-)

Steph said...

You so have a shoe fetish. A sport shoe fetish but a fetish none the less. And please don't tease the spellingly challenged :P

Chai said...

Hee hee... Am in denial. And you dont understand. Having the right shoe is *crucial* to playing well. Crucial.

jungle jane said...

During December I started calling my vagina Narnia.

it got a bit commercialised so i let it go. it's still funny when i pass the posters though...

Chai said...

jj, what a quaint little name. It's so cute. I dont really have a name for my appendage. Maybe I should get one. What rhymes with Poor Bladder Control?